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Church schools and RE

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Love Values Week

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Forgiveness Week


Lent Week


Chinese New Year- Year of the Monkey






Weekly Celebration Worship on Friday


Bishop's Harvest Appeal 2015


Judaism Jeremy Visits Squirrel and Badger Classes


Year 2 and 3 visit to Mere Brow Chapel


Exploring the Christian Value of LOVE


Nativity Photos Baboushka 2014... Party Day... Father Christmas..HOPE journey @ Burscough Methodist Chapel meeting Characters from the Nativity....

Every Friday we hold our Celebration Worship, the children can bring in special items from home e.g. certificates, photographs and we give out our weekly Headteacher awards and merit certificates... Everyone is welcome from 3p.m. :                      

See below for Year 5s visit to Trinity Methodist Chapel to celebrate Easter. They found out about crosses from around the world and met and talked to Characters from the story.


Our Sensory Easter Worship


You will need…

Olive oil
Chocolate Eggs
Hot Cross Buns
Tea Lights



In the centre of your mat there are several things to help you to remember and focus on the events of Holy week and Easter

Let us pray…

As you touch the water remember the humility of Christ as he washed his disciples feet and pray that we will serve as Jesus served us

Rub the olive oil into the back of your hand. In the garden in the Olive grove  Jesus was filled with anguish and cried out to God.  Lord Jesus in our times of anguish and despair hear our cry.

Feel the rough wood of the cross and sharp nails. Christ died for us that our sins may be forgiven and we will have eternal life with our father in heaven. Turn to the open arms of Jesus on the cross and be filled with his love.

Break the spiced bread, smell and taste its richness, eat the chocolate eggs and celebrate Christ’s victory over death. He is risen. Risen Lord we praise and thank you for your glorious triumph over death. May everything we do be a witness for your glory.

The stone was rolled away and your light shone out and pierced the darkness. Your light will never be overcome. May we shine with your light may our schools be a beacon in the darkness.

In a moment I want you to blow out the candle and watch carefully what happens. Watch as the candle light becomes invisible light and fills the room.

The light of Christ is with us always. His spirit is with us always

Class 1 RE lesson The Last Supper and other Easter fun...


Almost 25% of all primary schools in England and Wales are
Church of England or Church in Wales schools.
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