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Let Your Light Shine Curriculum

Y2 & Y6 SATs Videos for Parents 2017


The videos are available by clicking here:



You may also be interested in the free booklets for parents that explains the tests in more detail. These are available from the Rising Stars website at


Y2&Y6 sample tests https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/national-curriculu...



Maths Videos- to help with homework Oxford Owl


Expert help

Maths in School

Expert Kate Robinson is here to help you find out what maths your child is studying in school and how you can help at home.

About Kate Robinson

Kate Robinson has worked in education as a teacher, manager, teacher trainer and consultant for over twenty years. Her main focus is helping parents to develop the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to support their children's learning through homework help, every day activities and lots of fun and games.

Kate delves into topics such as long division, fractions as percentages and column subtraction in a collection of videos and handy booklets, packed with hints and tips.

Maths in School booklets

Maths in School videos

Help and advice



1914-2014 WW1 Centenary


Fairtrade fortnight Junior Chef Academy


MEN Arena Young Voices 2014


At Mere Brow we are already delivering many aspects of our curriculum in a way that will fit in well with the new recommendations, and we are constantly reviewing and developing our practice. In particular, our children enjoy enhanced ICT facilities and the opportunity to use ICT skills in all areas of the curriculum. We are constantly identifying opportunities to develop, for example, literacy skills through work in geography,history or RE, and we also enhance our curriculum by offering our children many opportunities to work with visiting experts or make visits out of school to encourage further understanding.

You will find much evidence of our Creative Curriculum when you explore the areas of this website. If you would like to find out more about the
Primary Curriculum Review, click on the link below.

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2nd July 20
Art & Design Policy : Adobe Acrobat file (122.9k)
Behaviour policy : Adobe Acrobat file (155.5k)
Computing policy : Adobe Acrobat file (164.2k)
English policy : Adobe Acrobat file (141.5k)
EYFS policy : Adobe Acrobat file (121.8k)
Geography Policy : Adobe Acrobat file (150.8k)
History Policy : Adobe Acrobat file (132.3k)
Maths policy : Adobe Acrobat file (163.4k)
MFL policy : Adobe Acrobat file (116.4k)
Mobile Phone policy : Adobe Acrobat file (107.3k)
Music policy : Adobe Acrobat file (179.9k)
PE policy : Adobe Acrobat file (122.4k)
Science policy : Adobe Acrobat file (122.2k)
SRE policy : Adobe Acrobat file (179.8k)